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Announcing The Week Between Special!

Happy New Year Dear Readers!

We have entered the Limbo of the Week Between Christmas and New Year's. In honor of this most liminal of times, I offer you a special deal.

Starting Dec 26th and running through Dec 30th, you can download a free ebook copy of my debut novella, Silty the Sorceress and the Wizard's Duel, on Kindle.

It is the story of a young sorceress exiled from her homeland to a country that hates and fears her kind. Though Silty seeks to cross the ocean to reunite with her mother, she finds her efforts stalled my misunderstandings and brushes with the law. Along the way, she’ll encounter giant insects, beings made of fire, and try clearing her name in a duel… to the death!

Download your free copy here:

Until we meet again, Happy New Year and Bonne Nuit. Bonne Nuit, to you all.

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