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Short Stories

Silty the Sorceress:
Silty the Sorceress and the Fairy Doll Prison

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Silty and Vlitz stop off at a curious roadside attraction and uncover a sinister conspiracy.

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Tales From Mirthland:
Girl Meets Devil

A young spellcaster is banished from her community for witchcraft and exiled into a dark, ancient forest. While lost among the trees, she discovers a lonely devil. Together, they form a bond that could blossom into love... and save their new home.

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Girl Meets Devil [Final 2].jpg
Lady In Rags.jpg
The Lady of Rags

A little girl has been kidnapped by malicious fairies. It's up to Londra Albot, agent of the Magician's Guild, to rescue the child. But by sunrise, the fairies will spirit their captive off to lands unknown. The night is short and Londra much move quickly to avoid the wrath of the Lady of Rags.

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Rorik's Quest

Rorik Stormcoast, a wizard of some regard, has embarked upon a new quest. He's dared to climb a perilous mountain and seek out a legendary dragon to learn his secrets. But as Rorik makes for the summit, he is joined by a strange companion, and soon finds his quest more challenging and dangerous than he ever anticapated.

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Rorik's Quest.jpg
Swords For Hire.jpg
Swords for Hire

Desperate for cash, a pair of married mercenaries take an easy job with a huge payday. All they need to do is escort a publisher and his manuscript to the big city. But as they get closer to their destination, their "easy" job turns deadly. What secrets is their client hiding, and is that a ninja chasing them?

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Dr. Entwhistle Wins a Box

A charlatan by trade, "Doctor" Durbin Entwhistle wins himself a mysterious box from a nervous man in a rigged card game. Though unable to open his new prize, Durbin is certain it contains something truly valuable. He doesn't know how right he is. While the good doctor seeks a way to open his box, numerous parties converge around him hoping to steal it for themselves. Even if it means killing Dr. Entwhistle.

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Dr. Entwhistle Wins A Box [Final 2].jpg
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