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The Second Silty adventure is now available for Pre-Order!

Big News Dear Readers! My second Silty the Sorceress novella, Silty the Sorceress and the Blighted Isle, is now available to pre-order in ebook!

Islands of blessings, or islands of blight? On her way across the sea, the young sorceress Silty's ship is accosted by a band of masked pirates. Their dashing leader steals from her a precious bit of booty, the sole clue she has to identify the thief who stole her dead family's treasures. Determined to retrieve her property, Silty disembarks on a seemingly picturesque island to hunt the brigands down. But her attempts to find justice only serve to draw her into a tangled conspiracy. Hounded on all sides by pirates, puppeteers, and paper birds, Silty's search may yet doom her, as it brings her face to face with a devil in the flesh...

Both the ebook and Paperback will available for purchase on October 29th!

And special thanks again to Richard Rios for his amazing cover art:

Until we meet again, Dear Readers, bonne nuit. Bonne nuit to you all.

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