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Surprise! A NEW Silty Adventure is on sale NOW!

Order your copy of Silty the Sorceress and the Soul-Seeing Sword in eBook or Paperback starting today:

The Sword sees your soul. The Sword sees your sin.

Lost in an inescapable swamp thanks to an ancient curse, Silty searches for any way out to resume her quest. She discovers her only path to freedom leads through a bridge guarded by an undefeated master swordswoman. But what already seemed like a difficult challenge becomes all the moreso when the guardian unsheathes her weapon. A sword that sees right into a person's soul, and reveals their worst secret. Now haunted by a terrible memory from her childhood, Silty faces a terrible choice. Confront the swordswoman, and her past, or let the swamp consume her...

Until we meet again, dear readers, bonne nuit. Bonne nuit, to you all.

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